May 21st

Finally!  The auctions begin with a piece donated by Copenhagen legend BATES AIO.  Please check it out and spread the word!  Thank everyone!


May 1st:

To everyone who has donated art or is interested in buying art to support the cause, I am writing this update to let everyone know what is going on.  The original information sent out scheduled the art auctions to begin on May 1st, and to date, the auctions have not yet begun.   I want to assure (and reassure) everyone that the auctions ARE happening, we are simply behind schedule.  The volunteer who was to organize and handle the auctions originally is no longer involved in the fundraising effort (which was a sudden development) and accordingly, the 2 guys left behind the scenes were completely unprepared to handle this side of the effort.  We are regrouping and taking stock of all the items and plan to have the auctions online as soon as possible.  Please forgive us for the delay and trust that some amazing art will be available soon!   This is also means that if anyone who felt they missed the original deadline is still interested in participating, you can still help, and can send us an email.   Thanks for the patience everyone.

The art being sold on the site here has done really well though, and the straight donations have been overwhelming.  I just wanna say thank to everyone who has been helping us, and for understanding the speedbumps involved with trying to do all this on the fly.