vintage SKILLS ISSUE 6

Image of vintage SKILLS ISSUE 6


SP.ONE created and ran this iconic magazine in the early/mid 90s. This remains one of my own personal favorite magazines (tied with Life Sux Die and On The Go). HE graciously donated several original copies of the mag, all in mint condition. MY personal copies of these issues are torn and soaked in beer and covered with tags from idiots writing in and on them back when we didnt appreciate what classics theyd eventually be. Now, by donating to the cancer fundraiser, you can own a mint condition copy of either issue 6 or issue 7 (or both?)!

IF you dont know about this mag ask around, but trust me these are classics, and I couldnt believe SP donated them. Please consider donating. SP also donated some original sketches that will be listed soon as well, if you are a fan of his work, keep an eye out.